Grow Together

Grow Together

Employee Giving Program


The new PeoplePortal integration makes managing payroll deductions easier than ever. Employees no longer need to submit a paper form, and using PeoplePortal can:

  • Start and end deductions
  • View and change their deduction amount
  • View and change the entity where they are giving

Detailed instructions on enrolling and managing deductions through PeoplePortal can be found on VIP HERE.


Every$ONE Can Make a Difference:

To see amazing stories about your colleagues or to share your strory, visit our Impact Stories page.


Support what makes you passionate about

Loma Linda University Health through payroll deductions.

Over the next five years, Loma Linda University Health will transform before your eyes. Vision 2020 is an unprecedented campaign that will build on our core strengths to pursue new discoveries and develop strategies for a healthier, whole world.

As you saw in the video above, the potential of YOUR GIVING is immense! Start giving an amount that is meaningful to you today! If every employee gave an amount of their choice each pay period, millions can be contributed to the completion of the Vision 2020 by our employees alone!

Together, we can make a significant impact on this campaign, but more importantly, our united commitment will show our leaders, our colleagues and those we serve just how much we believe in the future of Loma Linda University Health.

To enroll today, download the payroll deduction form and mail to the Office of Philanthropy, MVP Suite B, fax to 909-558-3537 or email to


Thank You

We are honored by the employees who give back every day in many different ways to Loma Linda University Health. Thank you for helping us Grow Together.

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