Our Global Impact

 Loma Linda University Health is founded on service and missionary work. Loma Linda University Health offers programs through the Global Health Institute enabling students and employees to participate in week, month, and yearlong international service trips.

Deferred Mission Appointee Program (DMA)
The DMA Program was developed as a way to enable medical and dental students who are committed to overseas mission service to pursue their professional education with financial stability and to give focus and direction to this commitment.

Global Service Award Program (GSA)
The GSA program has been established to provide educational loan payments for non-medical and dental alumni who wish to serve as volunteers in an international setting upon completion of their studies at LLU.


International Service Program (ISP)
Global Health Institute serves as a coordination point to match qualified LLU employees, residents, and volunteers with specific needs and requests that we receive from our network of strategic interest sites around the world. Global Health Institute staff works with the volunteer for assignment preparation,institutional approval, and to provide guidance related to visas, travel, and other logistical support.

Students for International Missions Service (SIMS)
SIMS’ mission is to provide LLU students with high-quality service-learning opportunities that empower them to become caring, competent, and socially responsible health professionals who value service as a lifelong process.

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